Sunday, January 17, 2021

God wins in this one and truly believe it will be “Biblical.”

Why do you think the Deep State Democrats are trying to impeach him and trying to set up false flags of fake violence from Patriots?

 I know it is tough to be a “fan in the stands” right now but that is what we are. We voted like we should (Trump won in a landslide) and we informed as many people as possible. 

There are so many more awakened now than ever before. Now trust Trump and the White Hats to do their job. 

We are at a “precipice” right now. God has heard our prayers and our cries. He has been answering them and will continue to answer them. This truly might be a Red Sea event. 

Hopefully, you know what happened then. If you didn’t, go read your Bible. 

God wins in this one and truly believe it will be “Biblical.”

 Your faith is being tested right now. Are you ready for something glorious to happen? Be ready!

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