Monday, January 18, 2021

Hold The Line, Patriots! The Latest EPIC Interview With Lin Wood - MUST SEE Video!


"This is the Latest MUST SEE interview with Lin Wood, where he talks about a GLORIOUS FUTURE for America. Also discussed is WHO CAN YOU TRUST with all of the fake information floating around the net as of late. Then Lin DOUBLES DOWN on the FACTS that he has HARD EVIDENCE to prove! And to top it all off, Lin talks about how we will be a Debt Free U.S.A. and if treason was REALLY committed! BOOOOM! Now, In order for us to walk through the takedown about to happen people need to be exposed to the evil and agenda planned against us. In order for us to go through the biblical changes about to happen, we need to see the EVIL. The kind of evil we let take a run at our freedom for decades while we got distracted with social media, sports, TV, movies and working. We fell asleep at the wheel and let corruption run-a-muck for decade after decade after decade. It’s time to wake up so we can cross the finish line. The best is yet to come! Let's travel down this VIRAL MIND-BLOWING Rabbit Hole, shall we now, Patriots?! Follow #JamesRedPillsAmerica all the way to #Rumble, #BitChute and beyond (see links below)!
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  1. I pray the military is on board with President Trump.

  2. Man, I don't know who the host is, but he is full of himself. He should learn some humility and listening skills. I wish he would have just shut up! I can't believe he has a following, and I will never listen to him. Good for Lin for putting him in his place.

  3. That was the most painful interview I have EVER listened to. The host needs to learn humility and how to listen. What a self-centered guy, and he said nothing when he did talk. If I had the privilege of interviewing a man like Mr. Wood, I would shut up and let him talk as LONG as he wanted to talk. I hope this host takes some time to listen to this interview and learn the lesson Mr. Wood was obviously trying to teach him...multiple times.


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