Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New Media Movement Forming Around Trump #saveamerica



New Media Movement Forming Around Trump

George Radio Announces News Site www.45Office.News

A major pro-Trump independent media outlet is making big moves in the world of podcasting.

George News, an outlet reputed by Qanoners to be the rebirth of JFK Jr’s magazine by the same name has moved into podcasting and is taking Trump’s supporters by storm. George Radio News is a podcast looking at Trump moving back into the White House for 2024. Described as a “great voice for patriots”, George Radio has built its reputation around censor-free talk and breaking news catering to patriots and activists.

Program manager Tim Ozman had this to say:

George Radio News is a new 24-7 streaming radio company. We aim to recruit multiple hosts and bloggers to cover breaking news, interview guests, and keep our listeners engaged.” 

Having survived a tumultuous election year with targeted censorship by big media, George Radio now exists on all the major and alternative platforms. George Radio can be heard 24/7 at George Radio’s main website which is also a blog and newspaper. To date, it has received over half a million unique visits. 

Listeners of George Radio Live have access to podcasts, live streams, and more. “The original George magazine was brought back with George News, managed by a mysterious individual who works at the White House Communications Office. 2021 will be huge and there is daily coverage now at www.45Office.News.

Tim Ozman

George Radio News


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